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Half-Breed Scrip - Chippewas of Lake Superior
1874 Commission Investigation of Scrip issued under the 7th Clause of the 2d article of the Treaty with the Chippewa Indians of Lake Superior and the Mississippi,
concluded at La Ponte in the State of Wisconsin, Septe,ber 30, 1854

Page 307 of document: Half-breed Scrip, Chippewas of Lake Superior, report of the Commission appointed by the Secretary of the Interior, April 21, 1871, composed of Henry S. Neal, Selden N. Clark, Edward P. Smith, and R.F. Crowell; and the Report of the Commission appointed July 15, 1872, composed of Thomas C. Jones, Edward P. Smith, and Dana E. King.  Washington, GPO, 1874

Satement of Chippewa half-breed scrip, locations of W.S. Chapman, unpatented November 8, 1872

Champaigne, Mary
Demarais, Louise
Daniel, Peter
Lamont, Maria
McCoy, Joseph
Lasarte, Rachel
Amelin, Louis
Amelin, Cecillia
Turpin, Josette
Turpin, Baptiste
Turpin, Joseph
Lizor, Paul
Baume, Jean Bet.
Bowdoin, Angelic
Bone, Isabel
Gabeachaung, Margaret
Lacey, Angelic

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