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Half-Breed Scrip - Chippewas of Lake Superior
1874 Commission Investigation of Scrip issued under the 7th Clause of the 2d article of the Treaty with the Chippewa Indians of Lake Superior and the Mississippi,
concluded at La Ponte in the State of Wisconsin, Septe,ber 30, 1854

Page 240 of document: Half-breed Scrip, Chippewas of Lake Superior, report of the Commission appointed by the Secretary of the Interior, April 21, 1871, composed of Henry S. Neal, Selden N. Clark, Edward P. Smith, and R.F. Crowell; and the Report of the Commission appointed July 15, 1872, composed of Thomas C. Jones, Edward P. Smith, and Dana E. King.  Washington, GPO, 1874

Anderson, David
Anderson, Francis James
Anderson, Letitia
Anderson, Henry
Amlin, John B.
Amlin, Mary Anne
Amlin, Josette
Allard, Ambroise
Breneau, Thomas
Beauchmin, Madeline
Beauchmain, André
Baireaux, Susan
Boisvert, Susan
Bannerman, Mary
Bellhemeur, Josette
Bird, James
Bird, Isabella
Belgard, Elizabeth
Bruce, Elizabeth
Bruce, James
Bruce, Françoise
Belgarde, Margaret
Bottineau, Mary J.
Brown, Isabella
Bovie, Paul
Bassett, George
Bassett, Marie
Bruce, Catherine
Bercie, Baptiste
Colin, Elizabeth
Colin, Jean B.
Campbell, Nancy
Canada, Margaret

Champaigne, Madeline
Coplet, Joseph
Caplet, Dennis
Caplet, Louise
Corrigal, Hannah
Cook, Josette
Contor, Etienne
Cummings, Cuthbert
Cumming, Charles
Cumming, Malcolm
Decheneau, Peter
Dennett, Mary
Dejarlin, Baptiste
Desjarlin, François
Dejarlin, Marie
Desjarlin, Michel
Desjarlin, Josette
Desjarlin, Margret
Delaront, Jean
Delorme, Adelaide
Delorme, Urbain
Delorme, Norbert
Demarais, Julie
Demarais, Severe
Demarais, Charles
Dease, Wlliam
Dease, John
De La Roudy, Paul
De La Rondy, Margret
De La Rondy, Etienne
De La Rondy, Louis
Ferguson, John
Faustneuf, Baptiste

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