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Half-Breed Scrip - Chippewas of Lake Superior
1874 Commission Investigation of Scrip issued under the 7th Clause of the 2d article of the Treaty with the Chippewa Indians of Lake Superior and the Mississippi,
concluded at La Ponte in the State of Wisconsin, Septe,ber 30, 1854

Page 239 of document: Half-breed Scrip, Chippewas of Lake Superior, report of the Commission appointed by the Secretary of the Interior, April 21, 1871, composed of Henry S. Neal, Selden N. Clark, Edward P. Smith, and R.F. Crowell; and the Report of the Commission appointed July 15, 1872, composed of Thomas C. Jones, Edward P. Smith, and Dana E. King.  Washington, GPO, 1874

Bottineau, Charles
Bellanger, Henry
Boyer, Lizedtte
Breneau, Margaret
Beauchmain, Philarite
Beauchmain, Marie
Berard, Margret (mother)
Beaulieu, Henry H.
Berard, Margret (daughter)
Berard, Ellen
Beauchamp, Angelic
Beauchamp, Antoine
Capliet, Angelic
Coque, Alexis
Champaigne, Margaret
Champaign,e Pierre
Carier, Susan
Coque, Josette
Doné, Catherine
Dumain, Pierre
Dumain, Josette
Peranteau, Isabella
Peranteau, John B.
Peranteau, Marie
Peranteau, Joseph Jr.
Peranteau, Louis
Peranteau, Susan
Peranteau, Angelic
Soyard, Madeline
Vandall, Louis
Vandall, Isabella
Vivier, Josette
Richard, Susan
Richard, Joseph Jr.
Richard, Margret
Smith, Louis
Brosseau, Margret
Lejemognier, Josette
Lejemognier, Marie
Leandré, Marie
Lucie, Josette
Leframboise, Josette
Harrison, Thomas
Jervais, Francis
Grant, Cuthbert
Grant, Frizine
Grant, Marie
Gruet, John B.
Galarneau, Marie
Goudrie, Madeline
Goudrie, André
Goudrie, Amable
Gladeau, Pierre
Frike, Josette
Flemand, Annette
Fian, Josette

Fian, John B.
Delorme, Margret
Delorme, Bazil
Ducept, Madeline
Gagnon, Marie
Ducept, Pierre
Ducharm, Sophie
Dumas, Adelia
Derosier, Marie
Dagneau, Joseph
Dagneau, Genevieve
Dagneau, Madeline
Dejardin, Margret
Dejardin, John B.
Quinn, Mary L.
Livelot, Marie
Pipier, Margret
Lesperance, Andre
Laraunce, Agatha
Lagimoniere, Iziard
Lagimoniere, Sara
Leroque, Charles
Marion, Marie
Martet, Josette
Mantour, Pascal
Mantour, Madeline
Nolan, Margret
Nolan, Angelic
Nolan, Francis
Nolan, Augustin
Nolin, Genvieve
Nolin, Margret
Parisien, Pascal
Plant, Marie
Prieaux, Catherine
Smith, Emily
Siré, Marie
Siré, George
Small, Nancy
Small, William
Veaudrie, Mary Ann
Voudrie, Tousaint
Vilbrun, Louis
Plouf Vilbrin, Louise
Wells, Edward
Quinn, William L.
Rashe, Sivier
La Pointe, Pierre
Rashe, Mary
Lerue, Francis
Hamelle, Josette
Tanner, Mary
Cadotte, Mary Ann
Montreille, Antoine

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