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1874 Commission Investigation of Scrip issued under the 7th Clause of the 2d article of the Treaty with the Chippewa Indians of Lake Superior and the Mississippi,
concluded at La Ponte in the State of Wisconsin, Septe,ber 30, 1854

of document: Half-breed Scrip, Chippewas of Lake Superior, report of the Commission apponted by the Secrtary of the Interior, April 21, 1871, composed of Henry S. Neal, Selden N. Clark, Edward P. Smith, and R.F. Crowell; and the Report of the Commission appointed July 15, 1872, composed of Thomas C. Jones, Edward P. Smith, and Dana E. King.  Washington, GPO, 1874

List of applications for scrip, under treaty of September 30, 1854, filed by attorneys, before the special commission, of which Henry S. Neal was chairman.

Charron, Celia M.
Charron, Emily
Cloutbier, Catherine
Coursolle, Jane
Camble, Mary
Charette, Joseph
Cherette, Mary
Collin, Betsey
Cariere, Andrew E.
Carrier, Jennieve
Collet, Philomen
Constantine, Elizabeth
Cota, Peter
Caplet, Isabella
Caplet, Seraphine
Chaboilliey, Charlotte L.
Chaboilliey, Rachel
Chaboilley, Francis
Chaboillellye, Nancy
Colombe, Francois
Callone, Isbell
Callone, John
Coverett, Edward
Charotte, Marione
Clontier, Marie
Cakenvash, Silva
Collin, Antoine
Collin, Margaret
Cunip, Margaret
Calombe, Josephine
Cleuvert, Marie
Cays, Adaline
Courchaine, Marie
Courchaine, Francis
Desharlais, Constance
Dausett, Matilda
Devoi, Levi
Denuoirs, Levi
Defour, Alexander
Deloney, Harriet
Dufford, Rosalie
Deakenus, Maggie
Dowar, Elizabeth
Demornis, Joseph 2d
Demornis, Mary
Demornis, Mary Ann
Duvernay, Charles
Duvernay, Julia
Des Souer, Angelic
Daeguon, Marie
Ducharme, Mary A.
Ducharme, Sarah
Ducharme, Rose
Ducharme, Mary D.
Cucharme, Mary Ann
Dyer, Eliza
Duphine, Josette
Dauphiny, Mary
Dauphanais, Marie
Delorme, Angelique
Duwrain, Josette
Docolau, Josette
Deontiguy, Marie
Duphrane, Isabella
Duchanne, Madeline
Dejerdon, Paul
Deland, Angeline

Dereaux, Joseph
Deuman, Isabella
Emous, Josephine
Flat, George
Flat, John
Foulda, John
Fisher, Alexander
Fisher, Ambrose
Fergason, Rosalie
Frederick, Joseph, Sr.
Frederick, Joseph, Jr.
Fredrick, Mary
Floman, Louis
Fagou, Jon
Fian, Virginia
Flamand, Margaret
Froeman, Jane
Franks, John
Fasuw, Betsy
Fairbanks, Susan
Foster, William
Gardner, Margaret
Gardance, Sillom
Grandelmyer, Carrie
Grandbois, Amelia
Godon, Joseph
Grandbois, Meli
Gardner, John
Gunbe, Antoine
Gabin, Margaret
Gaudin, Marie
Guin, Susan
Gillian, Hellene
Gireneaux, Madeline
Gouyez, Josephine
Goenor, Josephine
Grotier, Angelique
Guardippi, Jennieve
Gardippi, Philomen
Gardippi, Elizabeth
Gould, Sophia
Gouyez, Albert
Gabin, Louise
Gladdue, Isabella
Gladdue, Josette
Gladdue, Marie
Gladdue, Madeline
Gervais, Angelique
Gervais, Mary
Gervais, Margaret
Gruroite, Theophile
Dodon, Caroline
Goulet, Sarah
Goulet, Jonette
Goulet, Louise
Guertin, Emily
Gaguier, Marguroe
Hood, Margaret
Huot, Eleanor
Hanks, John
Hayes, Eliza
Houle, Josette
Harkness, Emily
Hugg, Joseph
Hamlin, JOseph
Hamlin, Lucia
Hamlin, Margaret

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July 4, 1847 - Drawing of La Pointe by Dr. David D. Owens, Geologist for the State of Wisconsin