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1874 Commission Investigation of Scrip issued under the 7th Clause of the 2d article of the Treaty with the Chippewa Indians of Lake Superior and the Mississippi,
concluded at La Ponte in the State of Wisconsin, Septe,ber 30, 1854

page 29 of document: Half-breed Scrip, Chippewas of Lake Superior, report of the Commission apponted by the Secrtary of the Interior, April 21, 1871, composed of Henry S. Neal, Selden N. Clark, Edward P. Smith, and R.F. Crowell; and the Report of the Commission appointed July 15, 1872, composed of Thomas C. Jones, Edward P. Smith, and Dana E. King.  Washington, GPO, 1874

List of names of mixed-bloods to whom scrip or certificates of identity have been issued showing them to be entitled to eighty acres of land, under the provisions of the seventh clause of the 2d article of the treaty concluded September 30, 1854, with the Chippewa Indians of Lake Superior and the Mississippi

Wanner, Nancy A.
Wells, Isabella
Wells, Edward
White, Julia
Wray, F. Annie
Young, Peter

List of applications for scrip, under treaty of September 30, 1854, filed by attorneys, before the special commission, of which Henry S. Neal was chairman.

Azure, Onazime O.
Azure, Jenevieve
Azure, Caroline
Azure, Pierre
Azure, Cicile
Azure, Gabriel Sr.
Azure, La Belle Antoine
Azure, La Belle Marie
Azure, La BElle Gabriel
Aikeu, Childa
Aiken, Childa
Agate, William
Agate, Joset
Amlin, Jonace
Amlin, Marie
Adam, Archange
Anderson, Elizabeth
Archambeau, Mary
Augustin, Genevieve
Allairie, Andrew
Allairie, Mary
Allaire, Angoine
Allen, Josephine
Arnell, Charlotte
Adner, Margaret
Arkewase, Arbedaab
Armstrong, Madeline
Allarie, Michel
Adams, George
Amiote, Mary
Blair, Mary Ann
Bird, Fred A.
Breland, Sauson
Baker, Angeline
Baker, Nancy
Baker, John
Baker, George
Bibo, Elizabeth
Boye, William
Brunet, Ambrose
Brunette, Louis
Broconier, Sarah
Brandconier, Pauline
Brandconier, Catherine
Briere, Margaret
Briera, Margaret
Rowu, Mary
Bourier, Madeline
Beauchemin, Marie
Beauchemin, Philomen
Beauchemin, Emely
Beauchemin, Clourice
Belair, Lucy
Belongja, Joseph
Belonglia, Levi
Bishop, John
Belonglia, Mary

Baptiste, Francois
Baptiste, Madeline
Bagage, Antoine
Bush, Emmay
Brunelle, Angelic
Brandconier, Josephine
Brandconier, Sarah
Berger, Bernard
Berger, Pierre, Jr.
Berger, Judith
Begon, Peter
Belleo, James
Bird, Peter
Bernard, Elise
Benoit, Antoine
Bouault, Marion
Bauchez, Fraces M.
Belonger, James
Berard, Julie
Berard, Sarah
Berard, Marie
Belineuer, Elizabeth
Beliueuer, Delphiue
Belhunieur, Catherine
Bourette, Marie
Belgard, Madeline
Belgarde, Louise
Berger, Amab E.
Berger, Pierre, Sr.
Braua, Eliza
Brunette, Battes
Brounea, Sophia
Branse, Elizen
Belleo, Peter
Berard, Pierre
Blair, Antoine
Blair, Marguerette
Blair, Angelique
Blair, Alexander
Blair, Edward
Braua, Nalutt
Braua, Mary
Bruualt, Mary
Bellanger, Mary
Bellanger, Mary
Bellanger, Paul, Jr.
Bellanger, Paul, Sr.
Bellanger, Charlotte
Bellanger, Elizabeth
Boier, Catherine
Boier, Angelique
Boier, Mary
Boier, Jeanette
Boier, Emily
Boier, Susane
Carin, Lucies

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July 4, 1847 - Drawing of La Pointe by Dr. David D. Owens, Geologist for the State of Wisconsin