Nutritional part of a my diet

As it often happens with people, they start thinking about losing a bit more weight either starting from first day of the year, if they failed to do that – first day of some month, and sometimes first day of week. We’ve all been there.

In my case it’s a bit more complicated. And today I would like to write not about specific method I used (maybe in 1 week I will write a more detailed post on that), but rather food limitations that it usually suggests. Why I think it’s important? Because for most people there’s not much difference between one or another diet or supplement – the two things they care about are:

  1. how effective this method / diet / pill really is
  2. how their lifestyle will be changed during the diet

Of course, people are usually willing to change something, but let’s be honest to ourselves – usually not much. I mean, if you’re used to steaks and fries, and starting¬† tomorrow you will be limited to broccoli – that diet is not guaranteed to last long. Something like this:

Not only that (people are not motivated to continue this diet) – they will also dream about the day they’re done with it. And they eat that steak with fries. As a result – the entire diet was useless, the weight, even if a small portion of it was lost, returns very fast. Again, motivation goes down even lower – people don’t want to continue this experience ever again.

But is it really that bad ans has to be this way? Certainly not. I will tell you about my own experience. My approach to this was very steady limitation to may eating habits so that I don’t change something dramatically and complain about horrible food I’m now supposed to eat. No, I have seen clearly where I want to be in 12 months (just an example) from now – and transform slowly.

For example, I love red meat. But of course, it’s not the best food to lose weight, so I made a slow transition to poultry and later, fish. If it’s fresh cooked right, it can be enormously tasty. Sure thing, I like some BBQ on 4th of July, you should still mind some limits.

Next week I’ll give some more details. Stay tuned.