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Notes for Paul GARRIGAN

!NARA_RG-75, Series M-575, Film #424: Red Lake B.I.A. Enrollment, 1938:not
enrolled [White]
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Notes for Percilla Elaine GARRIGAN

!B.I.A._1934_INDIAN_REORGANIZATION_ACT: I.R.A. Council "Red Lake Reservation
Basic Roll," [10 Nov 1958], Resolution No. 70-60, No. 1001
[transcription by V. Rogers], Red Lake blood quantum 1/2, other 1/2

!BIA_"INDIAN"_ENROLLMENT, Red Lake Reservation 1983 [trnscr. from BIA printout]
4319 F Head 28 DEC 1942, blood quantum: 1/2; Addr: 1812 Emerson Ave S
Minneapolis, MN
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Notes for Rhonda Lee GARRIGAN

!BIA_"INDIAN"_ENROLLMENT, Red Lake Reservation 1983 [trnscr. from BIA printout]
1783 F Daughter 11 MAY 1973, blood quantum: 5/16; Addr: Redlake, MN
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Notes for Sherry Lynn GARRIGAN

!Eligible Resident Voters: Red Lake District Run off Election 11 Aug 1982:178

!BIA_"INDIAN"_ENROLLMENT, Red Lake Reservation 1983 [trnscr. from BIA printout]
1780 F Head 15 OCT 1960, blood quantum: 5/16; Addr: Red Lake, MN
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Notes for Steven James GARRIGAN

!Eligible Resident Voters - Redby District, Run off Election, 11 Aug 1982:132

!BIA_"INDIAN"_ENROLLMENT, Red Lake Reservation 1983 [trnscr. from BIA printout]
1785 M Head 05 JAN 1961, blood quantum: 1/4; Addr: Redby, MN
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Notes for Antoine Gaubin Gordon GAUDIN

!NAME: Gaudin, Antoine (1808 - MAY 3, 1907) [V.R. #53]

!NAME: Gordon, Antoine (1808 - MAY 3, 1907) [V,R. #53]

!NAME: Gaudin, Antoine [LSS]

!NAME: Gaubin, Antoine [R.L. Scrip #60]

!"HALFBREED"_LAND_SCRIP; LCCN: E93.U69, House of Representatives, 42nd Con-
gress, 2nd Session, Ex. Doc. 193, "Chippewa Halfbreeds of Lake Superior,"
[Lake Superior Halfbreed Scrip: Gaudin, Antoine, Jan. 1?, 1859 - Superior,
Wis. (2 lots)

!"HALFBREED"_LAND_SCRIP: National Archives, RG 75, Entry 363, "List of Persons
to Whom Scrip was Issued under Red Lake & Pembina Treaties...." Halfbreed
Scrip No. 60 issued FEB 12, 1873, under the authority of Secretarial Decision,
JUN 12, 1872, delivered FEB 12, 1873

!"HALFBREED"_LAND_SCRIP: National Archives, RG 75, Entry 364, "Treaty of APR
12, 1864, Red Lake and Pembina Half-Breeds," Scrip Stubs, Number 60 [checked],
dated FEB 12, 1873, 160 Acres, delivered FEB 12, 1873, issued to Antoine
Gaubin, delivered to Agent E.P. Smith

!GENEALOGY_COMPILED_BY_VIRGINIA_ROGERS: Broken Tooth Genealogy, #13, #53: From
a life of Antoine Gordon written by his grandson Philip B. Gordon: "Antoine
Gordon was born at Sandy Lake, Aitkin County, Minnesota about the year 1812, on
January 10th.  His father was Jean Battis Gordon, and his mother was
Owa-ne-shan (meaning Young Beaver), a Chippewa woman.  Mr. and Mrs. Gordon both
died at La Pointe, Madeline Island, Bayfield County, Wis., whither they ahd
come in 1840.
  "The early boyhood of Antoine was spent in his native place, where he
attended school for three months, the only school life he ever knew.  He was
about twelve years old when he accompanied his fathr to Sault Ste. Marie,
Mich., going a few years later to La Pointe, Madeline Island, where the
American Fur Company had its headquarters.  In 1845 he opened a general store
at La Pointe, which he carried on for ten years.  Meanwhile he bought the
schooner 'Algonquin' and went into the lumber business, getting lumber at the
mouth of the Bad River and transporting it to St. Croix, near the mouth of the
Snake River, taking a stock of goods for trade with the Indians, and continued
in that business until 1860, when he came to Amik, in the upper St. Croix
country, a location situated on the state route from St. Paul to Bayfield,
which was then a wilderness.  Here he opened a store and a boarding house, in
both of which lines he had a successful business.
  "When the Northwestern railroad was built throught his locality in 1872, the
station was named Gordon, in honor of Mr. Gordon.
  "Mr. Gordon soon bought from H.M. Rice a forty acre tract of land on which
there was a trout pond.  He employed Geo. E. Stuntz to survey and plat the town
of Gordon.  Mr. Gordon was appointed the first postmaster, and served as such
for three years.  He also filled the office of town supervisor for six years,
and was school treasurer for ten years.
  "In early age he embraced the Christian religion, attaching himself to the
Catholic church, and, while owing to his mother's objections, he did not to the
importunities of those who sought to have him fit himself for the priesthood,
he was always a zealous churchman.  He took a prominant part in the erection of
the church at La Pointe in 1847.  He gave the site and bore the greatest part
of the expense of building the present Catholic church at Gordon.
  "Mr. Gordon was a keen observer of men and things and acquired much knowledge
by self-teaching.  He wrote and spoke English, French, and the Chippewa
languages, and read Latin and understood the Sioux tongue.  He never used
liquor or tobacco in any form and was strictly temperate in all things.  In
business he was noted for his unswerving honesty and integrity.  He was well
perserved physically until the early part of last year, when he suffered from
dropsy.  His mind was perfectly clear and alert up to the time of his death,
despite his more than four-score years of active life.
  "At the time of the Soux war in Minnesota, in 1862, Mr. Gordon went on foot
over a hundered miles to remonstrate with three of his cousins who were chiefs
of the Chippewas and were importuned to join the Sioux in a war of
extermination against the Whites.  One of these cousins, Chief Hole-in-the-Day,
was very determined, but the influence of Mr. Gordon prevailed, and thus the
lives of many white people were saved.
  There are many descendants of Antoine and Sarah Gordon in
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Notes for Louis GAUDIN

!NAME: Gaudin, Louis

Genealogy, #13]

!"HALFBREED"_LAND_SCRIP; LCCN: E93.U69, House of Representatives, 42nd Con-
gress, 2nd Session, Ex. Doc. 193, "Chippewa Halfbreeds of Lake Superior,"
[Lake Superior Halfbreed Scrip: Gaudin, Louis, MAY 1?, 1861 - Bayfield,
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Notes for Abram GAWKROGER

!this is apparently the same person as (AFN:9N28-RX)
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Notes for Edmund GAWKROGER

!this is apparently the same person as (AFN:9N29-50)
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Notes for Elizabeth GAWKROGER

!this is apparently the same person as (AFN:FVZB-QD) and (AFN:9N29-3M)
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Notes for Esther GAWKROGER

!this is apparently the same person as (AFN:FVZB-0L)
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Notes for George GAWKROGER

!This is apparently the same person as (AFN:9N29-04)
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